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MASU is a firm inspired by simplicity and minimalism in architecture and interior design.



MASU is a firm inspired by simplicity and minimalism in architecture and interior design.


We specialize in custom design

We developed our own methodology of People-Centered Design

The PCD method helps us achieve innovative and exclusive solutions

People-Centered Design is a creative and innovative approach to problem-solving. When applied to the field of custom design in architecture and interior design, it achieves unique results.

PCD is a structured methodology that guides the creation process with the client, so it is collaborative and iterative. Although it requires an additional investment of time in the early stages of the design process, it helps us identify underlying needs of the client and discover value-generating innovative solutions. Instead of resorting to typical design proposals, which often do not satisfy any real need, we focus on recognizing the true requirements and motivations of the end user. Therefore, it is a bottom-up approach rather than a top-down approach.


The client is the protagonist

The client is actively involved in the design and will identify the most appropriate solutions for certain key elements of the project.

Innovative response

We develop a design proposal that addresses the client’s requirements and motivations in an innovative and creative way.

Collaborative approach

PCD is a flexible working model, in which the distinction between client and designer fades, facilitating communication between both.


Design and Remodeling Services

Do you want to carry out a complete or partial renovation of your home? We can take care of the entire proces – design, permits, construction management and furnishing – so you do not have to worry about anything.

Architecture Projects

Do you want to build a brand-new house? We can take care of the architecture project and the permits and licenses. We can also help you to select the most appropriate construction firm to build the house.

Interior Design Projects & Home Staging

Are you looking to carry out an interior design project? We can make over your home with minimal effort. We also provide Home Staging services, aimed at presenting your home in the most optimal way so that it can be sold or rented faster and at the best price.

Real Estate Consulting

Do you need expert advice before purchasing your new home? We can assist you with an assessment of the building condition and its market value. We can also analyze and present the best renovation options depending on your budget.


Cost Savings

It is far more economical than hiring an architect, an interior designer, and a renovation company separately.


This option ensures greater transparency for the client, who at all time has access to the cost of each item of the budget.


There is a single point of contact. This simplifies communication, avoids misunderstandings and ensures greater collaboration between the different participants.


This method ensures the delivery of a high-quality project, as the designers are closely monitoring the execution of the construction works.

Time Savings

The efficiency of the entire process is improved and the risk of delays reduced, as the design stage overlaps with the permitting process and the start of construction.


It allows the design to be adjusted at all times to the budget, due to its flexibility to adapt the scope to the available budget.

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